Travel with me to Tuscany and discover the wonderful Traditional Vegan dishes my region has to offer.


Giovanni Chiara Narciso Latini

I am a fourth generation Restaurateur from Florence.

Food is my passion. I love to eat, develop new recipes, convert traditional meat based recipes into Vegan options. I love my Tuscan wines, getting to know people, learning new things.



I come from a happily disfunctional multicultural family. My mother is American of Chinese Hawaiian descent. My father is just plain Tuscan. ‘Eating’ is embedded into my DNA. My earliest memories are those of my grandmother cooking in the kitchen in a home her and my grandfather owned in the Tuscan Hills. A gorgeous country home with spectacular views of the countryside, and of San Gimignano. But who was interested in Panoramas as a child? All I could remember were the delightful smells that woke me up each morning spent with my grandparents.

My parents loved to travel and would take us on eating journeys.    My father, a francophile would often take the family on road trips to different regions of France. Itineraries were carefully planned by my mother according to restaurants we should eat at.  I still remember the name of all the restaurants and the dishes I ate on those magnificent food expeditions.

Chiara e il vino


I run a small hotel and restaurant close to the medieval town of Certaldo and close to San Gimignano.  We serve charcoal grilled meats.  I myself am Vegan and my restaurant is definitely Vegan friendly but I do handle meat on a daily basis.  

This is my Hotel and this is my Restaurant.