Fresh Cavatelli with Kale and Toasted Breadcrumbs

I love pasta!

I would not be Italian if I didn’t like it.  Even though I am gluten intolerant, I just can’t resist.  Of course I could buy Spelt pasta, but there is not a wide selection of pasta shapes available.  

We have so many different shapes of pasta, and each one for a specific sauce.  

My favorite shape of pasta is Pappardelle.  According to how I feel, I also enjoy pasta made with ‘semola’ which is a less refined ‘flour.’  The difference is like that of powdered sugar and granulated sugar.  Pasta made with semola is chewier, it’s thick, dense and has a deeper yellow color.  

I hosted a class today with Judy Witts Francini of Divina Cucina .  We made Cavatelli with Sausage and Kale, which has been a specialty in my restaurant for over 15 years. 

Being Vegan, Judy had the brilliant idea of boiling them in saffron water and serving them with Kale, olive oil and bread crumbs.  The end result was exceptional.  Eating freshly made pasta is close to heaven.  I did not get to eat my reginette with chickpea and Kale for lunch.  What a marvelous day!  I must share Judy’s perfect recipe for Ricciarelli.  Ricciarello is a cookie from the city of Siena which we eat around Christmas time.  They are naturally gluten free and simply delicious.  They are crunchy, soft and lightly sweet all in one bite. 

I need to get ready for dinner service, my twice cooked potatoes are in the oven, and need to get last minute things ready.  

I will share the recipes tomorrow!  




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