Eat Food that Tastes Good

No more diets for me. 

That’s it.  I think I have experimented with enough diets in my life time.  

I think Tatyana is right, the best diet is that to keep my mouth shut.  


My short review of the Ketogenic diet is as follows.

Pros: Never hungry.  I ate so much fat that I never had the urge to binge.

Cons: I did not lose weight.  I blame it on the wine, but how can I live without it?  

I was not able to jog.  I had no energy.  Heck, I could barely walk back home when I tried to exercise.  Alarmed, I immediately searched the web for an answer.  Apparently my body was used to burning sugar for fuel but it has to adjust to burning fat instead of sugar.  This process could take up to a month…. It did not make any sense whatsoever to persevere with this gruesome (for me) eating lifestyle.  

It is difficult for a vegan to ingest the amount of protein recommended without having to take vegan protein powder which I find repulsive, and there is a limit to the amount of fat my metabolism can take.  I certainly am not a doctor, but I have read enough books to know that fat is hard on the liver.

So I am back to eating ‘normal,’ excellent, nutritious food.  If you think that good ingredients are expensive, think about the money you are saving on your good health! Eat out less, eat better at home.  

I spent the last few weeks in the company of my good friends Myron and Susan from Maryland.  An amazing pair of wonderful souls.  They exude ‘goodness’ from every pore.  I couldn’t be more fortunate in having known them for many years.  Myron became a Vegan a year ago, and I knew nothing about it.  He gifted me with a book upon arrival: Eat to Live  by Joel Furhman.  

I read the China Study many years ago, and I found it life changing.  I have yet to delve into Dr Furhman’s book, but from what Myron has told me, a grain free vegan diet is encouraged.

I am positively incredulous at the number of  people that I know that have chosen a plant based lifestyle.  

There are many reasons to become a vegan.  Save the environment, save animals, save yourself.

There are two great things that happen in November in Tuscany.  White Truffles and New Olive oil.  Some might say three, but ‘Vino Novello’ (the new wine which is released on November 6th) I do not like.  To use the words of a famous Italian Journalist who is now defunct, drinking Vino Novello is like being a pedophile.  

Unfortunately white truffles do not abound this year.  But we do have Olive oil.  And it is really good.  

The best way to taste new olive oil is to eat a ‘Fett’Unta’ litterarily a greasy slice of bread.   I also enjoy it over plain white rice, or with boiled cannellini beans. 

I usually purchase my olive oil from a local cooperative, and from a small organic winery near me.  

The local cooperative makes excellent olive oils.  The ‘Frantoio Sociale Valdelsano’  is near by, and If you happen to tour this area anywhere between mid october and mid december do visit them.  They offer free tours of the mill and you can see first hand how olive oil is produced.  

My absolute favorite is featured on this post.  My friend Lucia Vagnoni at her family’s estate produces it.  It is Organic, cold pressed, unfiltered and extraordinary.  Her family also produces delectable organic wines.  I personally drink them.  I can drink quite a bit, but never feel bad after drinking her wines.  

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