I am trying out the Ketogenic diet.

I was born on a diet. 

I am so in love with food that I eat it.  Lots of it.  I could easily+ eat all day long if I did not have a bit of self-restraint. 

I also love to cook.  I like trying new recipes, new ingredients, foreign spices.  I sometimes shop at an exotic market in a neighbouring town.  It is called ‘Global Market’ and offers a vast array of dried, fresh, canned, and frozen foods from Africa, south America and Asia.  Every visit promises a new discovery.  I spend a bunch of money and try everything out.  Most African ingredients are completely foreign to me, so I rely on the ‘expertise’ of the Nigerian woman who owns the shop.  The first time I ever entered her shop I purchased some Okra.  She asked me what my ethnicity was as Italians don’t normally know of it.  I told her that I used to live in the southern part of the United States, and Okra was indeed a staple of the Southern United States diet.  

I told her I would bread it in Polenta and fry it.  She didn’t seem to convinced.

I also bought some Manioca and asked her how she would eat it.  She told me that men should eat it raw, sliced thinly in a salad.  The results were better than Viagra.  She told me I should give it to my husband for lunch and the effect would be immediate.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Frankly, I did not try it raw.  I cooked it as I would a roasted potato, and it was better than a roasted potato. 

My fabulous summer of Tuscan Vegan food has come to an end and with it a lot of weight gain.  I loaded up on delicious carbs.  What to do now? 

Half way through the summer I realised that all of my food intolerances were intensifying.  In august I had to quit eating gluten, tomatoes, garlic, beans.  I have known about my food intolerances for 15 years, but as someone pointed out to me, it gets worse when you age!  I started buying gluten free products and  threw out all the seitan based products I had in the fridge.

Have you ever read the labels on gluten free products?  

Gluten may be bad for me, but all those gluten substitutes could not be any better.  

So, with all this weight gain and food intolerances, what should I do?  

I enjoy listening to Podcasts.  One program I enjoy listening to is the Tim Ferris show.  I happened to hear about the Ketogenic diet.  Would it be possible to follow a vegan ketogenic diet?  It is, and I am trying it out.  I will write about my progress or lack thereof.  

So the Ketogenic diet is about a lot of good fats, good proteins and few carbs.  I am on day two and feeling good, but then again, it could be the exhilarating idea of being on a new diet 🙂

I have read extensively about the Bulletproof diet as well.  It makes much more sense to me, considering the fact that a Ketogenic diet may bring a lot of stress on the liver and the kidneys.  Especially to a person like myself who so much enjoys her wine!   Bulletproof diet does not allow for legumes as they are inflammatory.  But I am eager to try the effects of Lupine Sprouts Protein as a valuable substitute.  


I have tried all diets.  You name it, I have tried it.  They all work if you follow them! 

So far the one I found to be most successful (easy to keep weight off, and easy to follow, but slow results) is the Montignac diet (low glycemic index diet) which my friends Rob and Evelyne from Arizona introduced me to.  I eat real food.  Good food.  I do not eat ‘meat substitutes,’ fake sugars, sodas or decaffeinated drinks.  

I am also on week 9 of trying to become a runner.  I started alternating a 1 minute walk to a 1 minute run.  It was so hard!  I am now able to run 27 minutes consecutively.  What an accomplishment that is for me!  I heard Tony Robbins recently say how it is ‘progress’ that makes us happy.  




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