Practicing Non-Attachment

Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering.  

– The Dalai Lama



Four Years ago I decided that I wanted to return to the United States.

I looked around my apartment cluttered with everything I had collected in the past fifteen years and decided that I needed to slowly get rid of everything that was superfluous.

I had a huge closet full of clothes that did not fit, but maybe one day…when I lose weight…

I slowly started sorting through my clothes and threw away the ones I did not like. It took me two more years to part with most garments that didn’t fit. I left my apartment a year and a half ago and moved into my hotel; I used that as an excuse to rid myself of more stuff. I gave away my collection of CDs, after all, I can hear anything I want using Spotify. I gave away all of my tiny clothes, most of my shoes, but not my books. Especially my precious cookbooks!

My plan is to leave Italy with no more than two suitcases.

As I gave away perfectly good items with tags still on, I realised how much unnecessary stuff I had accumulated.
It was hard to part with things that I liked, but the more I gave away, the better I felt.
I started sorting through the myriad of books that populate my shelves and collect dust and realised that I should let go of them too. 
Yesterday, as I gave a friend some of my precious cookbooks, I realised how liberating a feeling it was, and how unattached to everything I was becoming.
All I need are my passport and my wallet. I am a free citizen of the world.

I no longer spend time thinking about things that I need or want, for I don’t need anything. I am happy the way I am. Until recently I had to stop myself when I saw something I wanted: do I need it? how will I carry it with me? 

My imminent departure has made me realise the beauty of being unattached to ‘things’. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix concerning Minimalist living. I do not have to learn to become a minimalist, my strong desire to relocate to the other side of the world has made me one. It has become me.

I have enjoyed reading Courtney from ‘Be more with less.’ I understand her journey and the resulting consequence. She is a happy person, I am a happy person.

My friend Natalia, a wedding planner and stylist, yesterday told me about the Buddhist practice of non attachment. Wow, I really am fortunate, for I don’t have to study it, it came naturally as a consequence to my desire to relocate elsewhere.

I am always in a good mood and find solace in time spent alone listening to my thoughts, wondering about me, wondering about the Universe, wondering about life. 

Decluttering is not only about sorting through a closet. It is about letting go. 


Life is stupendous this way!

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