Documentary: Forks over Knives

A good afternoon always starts with a good bottle of wine.
Today was no different. I made something I thoroughly enjoy. Pasta with chilled, pureed, cherry tomatoes and basil.
We accompanied it with a delightful Rose Wine.

This is how to make a one minute pasta sauce with no clean up afterwards.

Place two cups of ripe cherry tomatoes in a large enough container. Rinse. Puree with an immersion blender. Add salt, fresh basil, or marjoram. Add chili flakes if you’r like and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Puree. Pour over pasta.  Just as delicious as Panzanella and Pappa al Pomodoro.  

I watched a movie this afternoon on Netflix. I wanted to avoid the heat so I lay in my air conditioned room and watchedForks over Knives.’ I had read ‘The China Study‘ ten years ago which had quite a strong impact on me. I had been wanting to follow a Plant Based Diet ever since. The movie was very interesting and I am ever more convinced of the new path of life I have been trying to follow for over 20 years.  I enjoyed this documentary about eating healthy plant based products.  I also enjoyed the movie ‘Cowspiracy‘ concerning the damages intensive animal farming do to our environment. 

After watching Forks and Knives I watched ‘The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue’  

The host of the program is not an engaging speaker, and he is far from being a good cook.  He scares you into becoming vegan, instead of making you want to try his delicious food.  You can just tell he sees food as fuel for the body, as opposed to me who LOVES to eat and cook.  

I watched him make a pseudo lasagna and all I could do is just frown and yell: WHY aloud.  

Have you seen this documentary?  I will write him tonight and tell him that although I do find the program interesting,  no, he is not an engaging host, nor is he a good cook.  

I want to make an impact in the Vegan world.  You can make plant based food taste as delicious as meat.  


Email me if you have any questions about food, ingredients, techniques, Tuscany. 

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