Wow, Really?

Chiara e il vino


Yes, I was young once.

I was a foreign student at a small liberal arts college in NC.  My mother had warned me that those would be the best years of my life.  And yes, they were.

As a foreign student, a special english class was enforced my first year.  Little did I know that it would be one of the best experiences of my college life.  Not only did I learn to use a Macintosh Computer back in 1993, but I also learned that writing is all about re-writing, and my professor was so influential in my life that I became a vegetarian!  (shortly, that time)  Our syllabus included readings such as ‘A Sand County Almanac’ and ‘Earth in Balance’  I still remember the authors, and the titles, and my professor, Dr. Michael Strickland!

That first year of college changed the way my brain functioned.  Forever.

It did fall dormant again in 2001, the year I moved to a small town in Tuscany.

15 years later, I awaken my lethargic self.  It is time for a new beginning.

I am now a full Time Vegan.  Why?

There are so many reasons.  Mainly, Why not?  I did enjoy meat, mostly duck, Lamb, squab.

Lately, I have been feeling guilty about eating meat.  I don’t need to eat meat.  I have no reason to eat meat, I ate meat for the sole pleasure of eating it.  Since I have been feeling guilty, as opposed to finding pleasure in consuming meat, I see no reason for not renouncing it.

I do not endorse a plant based diet.  It is for you to chose.  This blog will illustrate the many wonders of a plant based diet, which is what my grandparents consumed.  Out of necessity, but rationally, it makes sense.

Think about not owning a fridge, nor a freezer.  An animal had to be consumed in its entirety, there was no preservation method if not curing, and salt was prohibitively expensive, so animals were eaten on special occasions.  On all other days, diets would be based on seasonal vegetables, legumes and whole grain cereals. 

I will show you the plethora of Tuscan Vegan recipes!

My father, a baby boomer, was raised on a very poor, plant based diet.  He can recount weeks of eating a different Fennel dish each evening.

When you’re poor, you become creative, especially if you’re catering to a large family.

Awaken the creative cook in you!  Be Healthy, Be strong, Be Cool!


P.S.  My grandfather died of old age, without ever having visited a hospital or a doctor.  He did not have a National Health Card (which is free in Italy.)   He listened to his body.  He understood his body.  He knew what his body needed at any given time.  I, like him, enjoy my evening glass(es) of wine 🙂

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